Think Innovation



Every online gaming business should be driven and motivated by creativity and fresh ideas. So we love to work with innovative people and interesting concepts. But don’t worry if your product is not that unique because we can probably help you rebuild your offering by adding a fresh pair of eyes and some reliable customer research.

Think Stats


It’s all about the stats. Get some solid KPI’s in place to help you focus on the right areas and your online game will grow. It’s essential to understand your customer retention curve, lifetime value and marketing stats such as click through rates, cost per click, cost per acquisition and conversion rates. We think we can help.

Think Management


The people at Think Management are straight talking and independent. Meaning we’ll give you an open and honest opinion about your requirements – this includes a suitable referral to the right company if we believe that we’re not the right people to help you. We have lots of industry relationships, so if we can’t help then one of our friends will.