The Importance of Facebook within Digital Marketing (Infographic)

Facebook is one of the largest social networks to date. It has over 1.31 billion monthly active users (MAUs) globally, which is a similar number to the entire Chinese population! With so many potential and current customers on Facebook, it’s no surprise that the network has become a haven for marketers and advertisers. In the US market, Facebook is the single largest publisher of all display ad impressions with 28%. Read more

Social Gaming Statistics, Revenues, Purchasing & Demographics

Social Gaming Statistics 2014 – Revenues, Purchasing & Demographics

The social gaming industry has been on the rise for years. New data indicates that social gaming revenue is set to reach $5 billion by 2015. Social gaming is also affecting how we consume information about brands and companies. Knowing social gamer’s demographics is crucial if you’re planning on creating a social gaming advert. Read more

Social Media Usage & Demographics

Social Media Usage 2014 – Overview, Demographics and Usage

Social media has become more than just a place to rate whether your college mates are ‘hot or not’, as Mark Zuckerberg initially intended Facebook to be. Out of the 7 billion people on our planet, nearly 2 billion are active social networkers. Check out this infographic. Read more


Google+ has had a lot of publicity in recent months; news reports are constantly reminding us about its user growth, which has now reached over 540 million monthly active users! It’s pretty rare to be able to walk into a social media meeting and not hear Google+ being discussed. “It’s good for SEO!” “It’s a great networking tool!” “It’s a new marketing platform to use!” Read more


Twitter was founded in March 2006. Some called it a social network, some called it a microblogging site, but because it wasn’t directly replacing anything, it was simply hard to define. Dorsey, one of Twitter’s creators, explained the origin of the title ‘Twitter’: “We came across the word 'Twitter', and it was just perfect. The definition was 'a short burst of inconsequential information,' and 'chirps from birds'. And that's exactly what the product was…” Read more